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Sipera's Unified Communications security solutions are available through communications, IT, and security resellers around the world.

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Team with Sipera to secure your VoIP and Unified Communications solutions, grow your business, and accelerate sales by addressing key customer concerns. Present your customers with a fully integrated, comprehensive offering that covers all the bases: threat protection, access control, policy enforcement, and privacy.

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Loss to Toll Fraud (YTD)


Telecom toll fraud costs businesses nearly $80 billion each year.

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Unified Communications Unleashed

Sipera Systems is the leader in real-time Unified Communications security solutions. Sipera offers groundbreaking solutions that secure voice, video, messaging & collaboration.

Backed by the industry-leading research of the VIPER Lab, Sipera’s award-winning UC-Sec and E-SBC appliances provide comprehensive threat protection, policy enforcement, access control, and encryption in a single, flexible, plug-and-play device. Sipera’s solutions set the standard for VoIP security, Unified Communication proxy solutions, safe SIP trunk termination, and compliance in Unified Communication deployments.

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