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Next Generation VoIP Security Assessment Tool to VoIP and IP Video Security Assessment Tool

UCSniff is a VoIP and IP Video Security Assessment tool included in the VAST security toolkit, which compliments the LAVA Vulnerability Scanner, enabling security professionals and UC owners to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risk in their UC environment. UCSniff is a self-assessment tool that integrates existing open source software into several useful features, allowing VoIP and IP Video owners and security professionals to raplidy test for the threat of unauthorized VoIP and IP Video Eavesdropping.
Written in C/C++ and available on Linux and Windows, the software is free and available for anyone to download.
Some useful features of UCSniff that have been combined together into a single package:

  • Realtime Video and Audio Monitor – tests for Realtime violation of confidentiality in private audio and video conversations, streaming the media via a media player plugin
  • Support for automatically recording private IP video conversations – the first open source IP video sniffer
  • Intuitive GUI User Interface, including Windows and Linux
  • Automatically re-creates and saves entire voice conversation to a single file that can be played back by media players
  • Support for G.729, G.723, G.722, G.711 u-law, and G.711 a-law compression codecs
  • Support for H.264 Video codec
  • Automated VLAN Hop and VLAN Discovery support
  • A UC Sniffer (VoIP and Video) combined with a MitM re-direction tool
  • Monitor Mode
  • New attack vector: TFTP MitM Modification of IP Phone settings
  • SIP and SCCP: Active development of new SCCP versions (6.x – 8.x)
  • Allows targeting of VoIP users based on Corporate Directory and/or extensions
  • New tool (VideoSnarf) for dissection of video media from offline pcap traces

Download UC Sniff

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